Our missions it to promote the Arts as a key driver for Diplomacy and Peace. The Art and Diplomacy Foundation, Inc. serves as a U.S. 501 c 3 non-profit organization geared toward the next generation of global leaders - first training them and educating them in the values of soft diplomacy; then placing them in key positions to affect sustainable and concrete global change. We accomplish our goals through core action and partnering with governments and leading philanthropic organizations worldwide.


The Art and Diplomacy Foundation, Inc. envisions a world where strategically-placed “Art and Diplomacy Centers” are actively training the world’s youths in such content as soft diplomacy, green diplomacy, global security, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and economic development. Much of this education will come through using the Arts as a medium for educating and improving creativity; thus allowing peace and mutual understanding to flourish. The A & D Centers will then be responsible for implementing regional and local programs to effect change. In summary, The Art and Diplomacy Foundation will enable the next generation of leaders to bring about a world of peace and economic prosperity—for all.

Our Aim

  • To select, educate, empower, and place the global leaders of tomorrow in strategic locations throughout the planet, where they can best enact global change in the tradition—and in conjunction with the values—of The Art and Diplomacy Foundation.
  • To connect these leaders with key mentors of strategic importance to assist them in their work going forward.
  • To design, develop, and implement large-scale initiatives, programs, and platforms, working with some of the most-recognized philanthropic organizations and governmental institutions across the planet—in order to foster cross-cultural understanding and economic development through the use of soft diplomacy.
  • To create a climate where the heads of governments and business elite are all fluent in the arts and soft diplomacy; and are also committed to building a planet with sustainable development and peaceful international relations.
  • To rebrand philanthropic organizations and governmental institutions in a new light: one based around sustainable economic development, cross-cultural and diplomatic proficiency, artistic and cultural excellence, and above all—tolerance and peace.
  • To build cultural bridges between individuals, cultures, and nations that have had long-standing conflict, through the use of the arts as a medium through which understanding and diplomacy can flourish. Similarly, we hope to empower artists throughout the planet in hopes of enabling this invaluable expression to take place.

Remarks From Viewers

The Art and Diplomacy Foundation has a dedicated community that stretches across all continents except Antarctica. Hear some of their stories:

25th May, 2016

by Rafael Bracho

Having worked with Randall Mass for years, I can vouch for his ability to tackle large-scale projects—not only on paper, but throughout all stages of implementation. I think this is great that you’re using this knowledge to take on real world problems! Brilliant!( need a new picture from Raf)

12th November, 2015

by Elizabeth Vanduffel

This is amazing Randy!!! I know you’re going to change the world. Love you!

17th of August, 2016

by Kai Wang

Randall, so great having you in Asia. Cannot wait for you to return and see so much good you did! Great work friend, large hug!

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