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The Art and Diplomacy Foundation is a coalition of dozens of individuals scattered across the planet, from Mexico to South Africa, from Taiwan to Washington D.C.—all with the goal of enacting concrete global change through educating a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and global elites. It is our collective hope that this new generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers, will foster a climate of mutual understanding and collaboration through the field of soft diplomacy.

The Art and Diplomacy Foundation is lead by Randall Mass, an International Strategic Advisor with 30+ years of experience working with International Fortune 500 companies, Federal executives, and the White House of the United States—across both the Bush Administration and the Obama Administrations. He is known for building bridges across party lines.

Randall Mass is no stranger to education, having counseled corporations on Strategic, Competitive, and Private Intelligence; as well as advising top corporations in the field of Cyber Security and Human Factors related to security risks. In addition, he has taught a new generation of young minds as an Assistant Professor for Boston University.

The Art and Diplomacy Foundation seeks to partner with some of the top philanthropic organizations, governmental institutions, and international bodies such as the United Nations, in supporting the global leaders of tomorrow, while promoting the Arts as a key driver of diplomacy and peace.