Ultimately, the vision of The Art and Diplomacy Foundation is to develop and implement international Ccenters for soft diplomacy and global footprint analysis. These Art and Diplomacy Centers will be geared toward identifying the critical levers for peace, assessing regional needs for diplomacy, sustainability, conflict gaps—and to develop plans of action to resolve these issues; all while building an international global elite equipped and capable of dealing with our contemporary issues.

Thus, The Art and Diplomacy Foundation hopes to foster a climate of mutual understanding and sustainable development by joining with the most noted philanthropic organizations throughout the world, the leading governmental institutions, and the most noted international bodies (like the United Nations), in order to train the new generation in soft diplomacy.

The Art and Diplomacy Foundation aims to create a new breed—the leaders of tomorrow. We will select and gather the next generation of bright minds from around the planet, and then train them in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and soft power—in hopes of developing a new class of business elite.

We hope that these individuals—the crème de la crème—will then turn around and either impact their nation’s economies and public policies in the tradition of The Art and Diplomacy Foundation, or they will simply run centers for The Art and Diplomacy Foundation in their native countries.