Learn About Our Work

At The Art and Diplomacy Foundation, we work to empower the Arts—and the artists that employ them—while highlighting Art’s ability to transcend cultural differences and social distinction, making it an invaluable tool in soft diplomacy and cultural diplomacy.

It is this very potential in awareness and soft diplomacy that The Art and Diplomacy Foundation hopes to educate ingrain into the fresh minds of the next generation, in hopes that the leaders of tomorrow are fluent in soft diplomacy, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic development. Then these leaders could return to their home countries to help their native lands—not only for these developing nations to grow and prosper, but to do it sustainably in ways that are in harmony with the environment.

Furthermore, through The Art and Diplomacy Foundation, these leaders will gain the skills and make the connections in: international relations, the United Nations, industry and trade regulations, and in the global marketplace, so as to rise to the top of their respective nations.

Our Aim

To select, educate, empower, and place the global leaders of tomorrow in strategic locations throughout the planet, where they can best enact global change in the tradition—and in conjunction with the values—of The Art and Diplomacy Foundation.

To design, develop, and implement large-scale initiatives, programs, and platforms, working with some of the most-recognized philanthropic organizations and governmental institutions across the planet—in order to foster cross-cultural understanding and economic development through the use of soft diplomacy.

To create a climate where the heads of governments and business elite are all fluent in the arts; and are also committed to building a planet with sustainable development and peaceful international relations.

To rebrand philanthropic organizations and governmental institutions in a new light: one based around sustainable economic development, cross-cultural and diplomatic proficiency, artistic and cultural excellence, and above all—tolerance and peace.

To build cultural bridges between individuals, cultures, and nations that have had long-standing conflict, through the use of the arts as a medium through which understanding and diplomacy can flourish. Similarly, we hope to empower artists throughout the planet in hopes of enabling this invaluable expression to take place.